The Honest Trailers crew picks Bryan Singer’s latest mutant movie apart.

X-Men: Apocalypse was, honestly, a decent time at the movies — not the best X-Men movie, sure, but certainly not as bad as some of the reviews would suggest. (I mean, we’re not talking X-Men Origins: Wolverine here.)

But even if you liked the film, there was certainly a lot of stuff in there that just didn’t make any sense, as the latest entry in the popular Honest Trailers series proves.

Their main gripes? The characters haven’t aged, like, at all in the 20+ years since X-Men: First Class; Mystique is now the team leader for no reason aside from Jennifer Lawrence being a popular actress; Apocalypse was a lame villain; and the story hits all the old, tired beats — Phoenix tease! Wolverine origin! Professor X and Magneto are enemies, and now they’re friends again! — that all the other X-Men movies do.

Watch the clip above to see the rest of what the team had to say.