This is even better than that time Michael Jordan hit the game-winning shot to beat The Monstars in Space Jam.

A clip of 33-year-old Jeffrey Harrison playing pick-up basketball in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, in a full Michael Jordan uniform went viral last month.

The clip attracted a number of cruel internet comments, as people laughed at Jeffrey’s efforts to imitate the basketball legend.

But there was more to the story than they knew. Harrison, who has worshipped Jordan all his life, struggles with autism. He is unable to work, and uses basketball as a therapeutic outlet.

He has been wearing the same two Michael Jordan uniforms to pick-up games in his area since 2010, and focuses his time and energy on studying footage of Jordan in action and emulating his moves.

KREM 2 sports reporter Darnay Tripp visited Jeffrey, who told him that the other players in his pick-up games aren’t always nice to him, which can be frustrating — but he’ll never quit playing basketball.

After the story aired, Michael Jordan’s business manager showed it to His Airness. MJ was so touched by Jeffrey’s devotion to the game, he decided to give Jeffrey a little surprise.

He sent Jeffrey two boxes full of Jordan shoes, shorts, shirts, sweats and more (so that he doesn’t always have to wear the same outfits), and a personal letter.

“Continue to believe in yourself, play hard and always remember to enjoy the game,” the six-time NBA champion wrote, before signing off, “Your friend, Michael Jordan”.

But that wasn’t all — Jordan also gave Jeffrey a surprise phone call. Watch the beautiful moment in the clip above!

One thing’s for sure — Jeffrey is going to look great when he hits the court in his new gear!