Tokyo’s Rainbow Bridge is certainly a spectacular landmark — but we probably wouldn’t risk a jail term for the privilege of climbing it.

Andrej Ciesielski loves to climb iconic landmarks, even if it’s illegal — and he usually gets away with it.

He’s climbed the third tallest building in Shanghai and one of the great pyramids of Giza, all while evading local authorities. But Ciesielski wasn’t so lucky when he paid a visit to Tokyo.

An 800 metre-long suspension bridge with towers that rise 126 metres out of the water, Tokyo’s Rainbow Bridge is famous for its rainbow-spectrum lighting, which basically makes it look like something out of Mario Kart.

Rainbow Bridge

Image: iStock

Obviously, Ciesielski decided he wanted to climb the bridge — but when he and his companion came back down, they found the police waiting for them.

“I left Japan with good and bad memories,” Ciesielski wrote in the video’s description. “On my last day I decided to climb to the top of the Rainbow Bridge in Tokyo with an explorer from Tokyo. We both got caught by the police and we were arrested for 10 days in a Japanese jail.

“I had no contact to anyone, even to my family. I waited for one month to leave Japan finally. Please don’t try to repeat this action because in a bad case you can face six months prison.”

Ciesielski will probably never be allowed back in Japan, but hey, at least he got this YouTube video out of the experience.

Unfortunately, Ciesielski climbed the bridge through the day — so you can’t actually see the bridge’s famous rainbow lighting.

Remember, kids, don’t try this at home. And definitely don’t try it in Japan.

[Via Inverse]