This kid takes button-mashing to a new level.

YouTuber Papapaint has shared this video of his six-month-old infant playing Street Fighter V with an arcade stick — and absolutely dominating.

There’s no suggestion that the baby actually knows what it’s doing, but there’s also no doubt that his unorthodox button-mashing style is working, as he comfortably defeats Street Fighter V‘s story mode.

The game’s single player mode has been widely criticised for being too easy, especially when playing as Birdie (the baby’s fighter of choice here).

In the video’s description, the proud papa explains that Birdie’s moveset makes his son’s victories possible.

“For everyone saying it’s a fake, Birdie has moves which come out when you RELEASE a button after holding it for a while, and the EX versions come out from holding and releasing the 3 punch or 3 kick buttons. I’m too busy to waste time trying to fake my baby beating a s**t-easy story mode by mashing random buttons.”

The fact that a baby is able to beat the game by mashing random buttons, even if it is on the easiest difficulty mode, says a lot about the problems with Street Fighter V. But it’s also just damn adorable to watch!

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