Visitors to the Warner Brothers Studio Tour in Los Angeles got the surprise of their lives when Batman himself turned out to be hiding in the Batmobile.

In the latest brilliantly executed clip for Omaze, Affleck is seen hiding in the Batmobile while visitors to the Warner Brothers Studio Tour (which is a bit like the one we used to have at Movie World, only cooler) are asked who they think would win in a fight — Batman or Superman?

The people shown in the clip overwhelmingly pick Superman, so you can only imagine their surprise when the Batmobile opens up to reveal Ben Affleck — who’s playing Batman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice — at the wheel.

The clip is promoting a competition that will give fans the chance to ride in the Batmobile with Affleck at the film’s premiere.

After seeing this, we have to say we’ll be rooting for Batman when the movie opens in Australia on Thursday 24 March.