Nothing to see here — just a penguin who’s been trained to wear a backpack and walk alone to the fish market to pick up her favourite meal.

First thing’s first — this clip looks staged as heck, and we’ll be stunned if this penguin is really doing this on a regular basis, but we want to believe.

The story goes that Lala is a King Penguin who was rescued by a fisherman after she got trapped in a fishing line. The fisherman’s family in Shibushi City nursed her back to health and gave Lala her own air-conditioned room.

Lala once went to the fish market with her human pals and loved it so much that she kept wanting to go back. So her humans trained her to wear a backpack (a tiny penguin backpack, no less) and walk to the fish market daily to fetch dinner.

Too good to be true? Probably. But it sure makes for an adorable video!

[Via Lost At E Minor]