There’s not a bartender or movie fan in the world who doesn’t know James Bond’s order off by heart — vodka martini, shaken not stirred. It’s time for him to mix things up a bit, right?

Daniel Craig (aka James Bond, albeit reluctantly) appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, where Jimmy and his crew whipped up some fun new alternatives for the Spectre star.

With Kimmel working the bar, Craig orders up a few of his other favourites — a Cosmo with a little splash of sugar-free cranberry juice (not concentrate), a Robitussin and tonic, and even something called an “alligator handjob”.

These all sound like great options to us, and we’d love to see Bond drinking a cocktail with a straw in it in his next film.

It’s time for him to relax and live a little, you know?

What cocktail would you like to see James Bond order? Let us know in the comments below!