This might just be a world first. If you thought FaceTime was only for humans, you’re wrong.

Seals Sija and Babyface first met in 2007 at a sanctuary in Cornwall, England.

Since then, the pair — who were thought to be past their reproductive years — have produced two offspring. Even birth control didn’t work!

In order to prevent Sija from becoming pregnant again, keepers have moved her to an all-female enclosure over 250km away, at the Sea Life Adventure Park in Weymouth, Dorset.

There’s no keeping these monogamous seals apart, though — Sija and Babyface now keep in touch via FaceTime!

In the above clip, posted by the Sea Life Adventure Park, curator Fiona says the seals were initially distrusting of the technology, but their love soon overcame this hurdle.

“Initially the seals were a little bit cautious of the screen, but got more and more curious and started nosing at it, and interacting with it which was lovely to see,” she says.

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