They’ve become a viral sensation over the last few weeks with their Activewear video, and now the ladies from Skit Box have given us a whole new video to chuckle over.

We’ve all got that one girl from high school who we dread running into – the “frenemy”. The one where both of you have gone on to lead totally different lives and spend the whole conversation one upping each other.

The ladies from Skit Box have captured the hilarity of these run-ins perfectly in their new video, Girls One Upping.

Two “frenemies” cross each others paths on a running track, one pregnant and married to her soul mate, and the other a very successful career woman. Both happy with their lives but in a competition to be the best, swap their stories and try and prove they have the better life.

The skit comes to a hilarious — albeit slightly dark — end, which might cause some backlash. However, anyone who has been in this situation before will know that sometimes, it feels like this is the only way the dreaded conversation draw to a close.

Check out the video above!