Meet Wyatt Scott, the 38-year-old guy that plans on shaking up the upcoming Canadian election. He also happens to be the candidate behind the world’s most entertaining – or most insane – political advertisement ever conceived.

The one-minute video, optimistically titled ‘I’m running for Parliament!’, starts off with Mr Scott riding a gigantic Canadian goose to deliver a death blow to an unsuspecting dragon on the ground.

The video then evolves into a higher state of absurdity, with Mr Scott going on to say “University is too damn expensive!”  while catching a man in drag falling from the sky — which could hint at a push for tertiary education reforms.

In an interview originally published in the National Post, Mr Scott said the entire video started as a response to the alleged ‘shenanigans’ of the local Liberal Party but it was also designed to be purposefully bizarre to attract attention.

“Obviously, people don’t have attention spans nowadays, so we figured, what can we do to draw attention?”

Do you think Australia’s political parties need to up the creativity for political advertisements? Would you like your local MP more if they did something similar?  Then let us know in the comments below.