Watch as makeup blogger and film maker, Em Ford, depicts how social media sets unrealistic and shocking expectations on men and women.

Em Ford is the London based blogger behindĀ  My Pale Skin . A blog which focuses on makeup tutorials and lets the viewer see the transformation from her makeup free face. So when Ms Ford began receiving messages from people who suffer from acne and the insecurity that comes with it, she decided she needed to do something about it.

She started uploading photos of herself without any makeup at all. Her skin looks just like most of ours do without makeup, the skin that society has become somewhat ashamed of showing.

The comparison between these photos is vast and highlights the amount of false images of perfection we receive every single day.

However when she started uploading these photos she wasn’t prepared for the backlash that she would have to endure. The film contains real comments that were left on social media about her face both makeup free face and with makeup.

The film entitled “You Look Disgusting” is a reminder that everyone is beautiful no matter what.