A video of a homeless man in Sarasota, Florida has gone viral, after he shocked people with his incredible musical skills.

The man, named Doug Gould sat down at a public piano outside a restaurant in Sarasota, Florida and played an incredible rendition of Styx’s Come Sail with Me, blowing away passers-by. The piano, along with others had been installed as part of the Sarasota Keys Piano Project with the purpose to encourage creative expression around the city.

It’s certainly worked!

Mr Gould, (51-years-old) says he began playing clarinet when he was just a kid, which led him to play the instrument in the U.S. Marine Corps. When he got out of the service, Donald explained that he wanted to teach music, so he studied music education at Spring Arbor University in Michigan where he was originally from.

Unfortunately, he ran out of money just three credits shy of graduating and instead worked odd jobs while starting a family. But in 1998, Gould’s wife died unexpectedly and his life when down hill from there.

Gould then struggled with substance abuse which caused Social Services to take his son, who was only 3-years-old.

He eventually made his way to Florida where he still tries to keep in touch with his musical roots, entertaining passerby with his talented tunes playing anything from Billy Joel to Bach.

So many people have been touched by his viral street performance, that Gould has been offered the chance to audition for a piano player in a nearby bar.

We think he’ll get the gig!

Check out the video!