The Terminator is back in his new big screen appearance next month, also taking some time out to prank unsuspecting fans in Los Angeles.

What if you were posing next to a wax figure of a beloved actor, only to have it spring to life just before the photo was taken?

A few lucky tourists got to experience just that in Los Angeles recently when Arnold Schwarzenegger, fully dressed as his iconic character The Terminator, pretended to be a wax figure of himself in Madame Tussauds Wax Attraction in Hollywood.

As each unsuspecting tourist posed for a photo with what they thought was a wax rendering of Schwarzenegger, he gave up the gag, greeting and joking with each momentarily terrified person.

From there, he made his way down Hollywood Boulevard,┬ádelivering his classic lines to unsuspecting tourists (who maybe don’t quite believe that they’re talking to the real thing), and even giving impersonators a run for their money.

It was all to raise awareness for┬áthe Schwarzenegger’s charity, an educational foundation called After-School All-Stars.