Channing Tatum surprised fans big time at a screening of Magic Mike XXL, in a prank for charity.

Dressed as a balding, middle-aged marketing executive named Scott Hasley, Tatum interviewed fans to gather ‘market research’ for the movie.

In the rather awkward interviews Tatum asked questions like “how accurate do you think the depictions are in the movie to actual male strippers?” and “What part of the movie would you like to see in 3D?” But, the excited fans didn’t suspect a thing.

The fans then went into the theatre to watch what they thought was a normal screening of Magic Mike XXL… it was anything but.

Tatum as Scott, gives a little speech at the front of the theatre and tells fans they will be seeing a 3D version of the movie, the audience look confused.

Suddenly a bunch of strippers jump out of the audience and emerge from behind the screen. Tatum reveals his identity and performs for the audience.

The prank was all part of a contest with the charity Omaze. As part of the contest, the winner gets a premier package that includes a red carpet ride with Tatum and a luxury spa day.

Check out the video!