You would assume you can, but after watching this video of Heaven King and her dance crew, you may not be so sure.

When you’re scrolling the internet looking for inspirational videos and uplifting stories, maybe skip this one if you’re prone to dance envy as four-year-old Heaven King is killing it on the the dance floor.

And the worse part is it looks effortless. Feeling confident you can dance better than her? Just watch this video and try to imitate her moves with the same sass and style as she does (remembering that she is probably decades younger than you as well).

She has already made a name for herself online, with a swag of super cute dance videos which have been watched by thousands and thousands of people. Oh, and she’s also made an appearance on the Ellen¬†Degeneres Show.¬†

Yes it’s true that her mother Tianne King is a dancer and cherographer so Heaven hascleared inherited her groovin genes. But regardless, she is still pulling off moves that many adults struggle with.

Check out her latest dance video. We trust you’ll become as obsessed with her hot pink miniature care as we are.