National treasure Lee Lee Chin has come up with her own spin on the ‘Mean Tweets’ meme.

Usually, ‘Mean Tweets’ videos (which originated on Jimmy Kimmel Live, but have since become a cottage industry) see celebrities and internet personalities reading, well, mean tweets about themselves written by their haters.

In SBS newsreader Lee Lee Chin’s take, however she reads mean tweets — about other celebrities. That she wrote.

Like this one, to Peter and Karl Stefanovic: “I’m calling for a fight to the death between you two, Highlander rules. There can only be one. Survivor becomes my bride. Kiss, kiss.”

Or this one, to ‘rival’ SBS news presenter Ricardo Goncalves: “I know you want my job but the only way you’ll get it is if I die. But that’s not going to happen because I’m immortal. The Alpha and the Omega! The beginning and the end.”

SBS show The Feed has gotten a lot of surreal comedy mileage out of Lee Lee Chin over the past year or so, but this might be the best sketch yet. We can’t wait for Part Two.