Jimmy Kimmel is really sick of people not vaccinating their children and putting others at risk.

Jimmy Kimmel is done with the anti-vaccine movement, and has called in medical professionals to dispel the non-existent downsides of vaccinations in this hilarious PSA, targeted at parents who are “more scared of gluten than they are of small pox”.

“I know if you’re one of these anti-vaccine people, you’re not going to take medical advice from a talk show host, and I don’t expect you too, I wouldn’t either,” Kimmel explains.

“But I would expect you to take medical advice from almost every doctor in the world. Doctors didn’t learn about the human body from their friends’ Facebook page. They went to medical school where they studied all sorts of amazing things like ‘How to magically prevent children from contracting horrible diseases just by giving them a little shot’.”

Kimmel then presents his PSA, starring real life doctors.

“I thought we settled this in the Fifties,” quips one, while another adds, “Remember that time you got polio? No, you don’t! Because your parents got you [beeping] vaccinated.”

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