Peter Capaldi’s second episode of ‘Doctor Who’ gets a new trailer.

I’m not sure exactly when Doctor Who went from ‘charmingly hokey British sci-fi diversion’ to ‘global pop culture juggernaut’, but there’s no point trying to deny it — there isn’t another show out there with this much cultural cachet at the moment.

Not only was Peter Capaldi’s first turn out as The Doctor actually shown in theatres (just as last year’s 50th anniversary special was), but his second appearance has just gotten its own face-melting trailer.

If Capaldi’s debut last weekend didn’t do it for you, chances are this episode — a straight-up, no-holds-barred showdown with the old enemy, The Daleks — will tick all your boxes.

The episode will air on ABC1 at the same time it debuts in Britain (that’s 4:30am this Sunday August 31, if you’re game), before being repeated at the wholly more reasonable time of 7:40pm that night.