Robin Thicke’s new music video is either a grand romantic gesture, or just really, really creepy. We’re leaning towards the latter.

Thicke’s new track, ‘Get Her Back’, is a pathetic/brazen plea for reconciliation with his estranged wife, actress Paula Patton (Thicke’s new album is called Paula, and is entirely devoted to winning back his lady love).

Thicke appears naked in the clip, and text messages pop up on-screen that may have come from actual text exchanges with Patton (“I wrote a whole album about you,” reads one; “I don’t care,” reads the reply).

In a somewhat counter-intuitive — but typically #Thicke — move, the clip features a female model who caresses Thicke’s bare shoulders and chest. Always a winning strategy when you’re making a public plea to your wife.

If this whole thing isn’t creepy enough for you, don’t worry — the video’s final text message promises “this is only the beginning”…

What do you think? Is the video creepy, or romantic? Let us know in the comments below!