A video accredited to international hacker group Anonymous containing a message to Premier Campbell Newman has gone viral over the weekend.

The message deals with Premier Newman’s new “anti-bikie” laws, claiming they are unconstitutional and a violation of basic human rights. Featuring the Guy Fawkes-masked figure made famous in Anonymous videos overseas and a computer-generated voice, the video warns citizens about the breach of their rights.

“There have been cases where normal people on motorbikes have been harassed, searched and investigated for doing nothing more than riding a motorcycle,” the video says. “The creeping fascism has already begun and the bill is already being used against everyday people like you and me.”

The video ends with a chilling warning for Newman to “Expect us,” which has some concerned about the safety of the Premier.┬áThe Queensland Police Service are currently investigating the video and its apparent threat to Campbell Newman.

What do you think? Is the message to Premier Newman unjustified fear-mongering, or an apt warning to the public about an infringement on human rights? What worries you more, the outlaw bikie gangs or the changes to legislation that impose upon our rights? Let us know in the comments below!