A metre-long tree snake has regurgitated a green tree frog in an attempt to make a quick getaway from a yard in north Queensland.

A frog has survived being swallowed whole and then spat out by a snake in north Queensland.

Zoologist and snake catcher Lauren Dibben says the one metre-long tree snake regurgitated the green tree frog in an attempt to make a quick getaway when she tried to remove it from a yard in Weipa, western Cape York.

“I just picked it up and then realised it was about to regurgitate something,” she told AAP on Monday.

“I thought maybe it had eaten a rat but it then vomited out a green tree frog backwards.

“It just popped onto the ground and it was covered in spit and other snake stomach juices.”

To her surprise, the frog then started to move.

“The frog then took a breath. So I rinsed it off and it pretty much looked like a brand new frog,” she said.

“He sat there a little bit stunned and I think he went and sat somewhere quiet for a while.”

Ms Dibben, who has been working as a part-time snake catcher for the past two years, believes the snake regurgitated its meal so it could make a quick getaway.

“I guess it’s easier to do that on an empty stomach,” she said, adding that she released the snake in nearby bushland after the ordeal last Saturday.

Ms Dibben says the frog may have survived because it can hold its breath for a long time and it’s likely it had only been inside the snake for a couple of minutes.

It was also lucky because the snake wasn’t venomous and eats its prey alive.

“I think the frog will survive but I think the snake was a bit disappointed he lost his breakfast,” Ms Dibben said.