A person who recently arrived from west Africa has been isolated in a Brisbane hospital over worries they are infected with Ebola.

A person possibly infected with Ebola has been isolated at a Brisbane hospital.

The patient had recently arrived in Australia from west Africa but was taken to the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital after showing signs of fever, the Seven Network reported on Sunday.

Queensland’s Chief Medical Officer is expected to address the media shortly.

The woman, 18, arrived in Brisbane 11 days ago with eight members of her extended family and all had been placed in home quarantine immediately, CMO Dr Jeannette Young told reporters in Brisbane.

They had departed Guinea to move to Queensland.

Queensland Health knew the family was arriving, met them at the airport and arranged their quarantine.

Staff were checking the family’s health daily and on Saturday night the 18-year-old developed a fever.

“She’s otherwise well,” Dr Young said.

“She didn’t have any known contact with anyone that was sick with Ebola virus disease, but she did come from an area that did have a reasonably large number of cases.”

The six children and two adults she travelled with are “quite safe” but remain in home quarantine.

“They’re all perfectly well and no one else in that house has a fever,” Dr Young told reporters.

Test results expected in the early hours on Monday morning coupled with those from a second screening in three days will confirm whether the woman has contacted Ebola.

Even if the woman has Ebola, other passengers from the plane are safe.

“She’s been here in Brisbane now for 11 days in home quarantine so there is no risk at all for anyone else on that plane,” Dr young said.

“You need to have symptoms and be excreting the virus, in vomit, in faeces, in sweat, in urine and she doesn’t have any symptoms so she hasn’t been excreting the virus so someone could get infected.”

As the woman hadn’t left the house since arriving or had any visitors, there was no risk to the wider community, Dr Young said.

Her fever has abated and Dr Young said it’s unlikely she has Ebola.

“But she’s been in an area that there’s been a significant number of cases so there’s always that potential,” she said.