Queensland rangers have closed some camping areas on Fraser Island after two women were bitten by dingoes.

Some camping areas on Queensland’s Fraser Island have been closed after two women were attacked by dingoes.

The women were jogging on the beach south of Yidney Rocks when they were confronted by two dingoes about 6.45am (AEST) on Sunday, a Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service spokeswoman said.

“One woman received bites to both of her legs and was transferred to Hervey Bay hospital for treatment,” the spokeswoman said in a statement on Sunday.

“The second woman received a bite to the calf which did not puncture the skin.”

The Queensland Ambulance Service said a 34-year-old woman was taken to hospital with injuries that weren’t life threatening.

She arrived at Hervey Bay hospital shortly after noon in a stable condition.

The Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service spokeswoman said camp zones in the area – between Poyungan Rocks and Eli Creek – were closed until further notice for public safety.

Rangers are investigating the incident and have increased patrols on Fraser Island.

“In the wake of this latest incident, people considering walking or jogging on the beaches, should exercise caution and stay in a group,” the spokeswoman said.

Yidney Rocks Beachfront Units manager Maijam Goulding, who made the triple zero call on the women’s behalf, said the pair were Australians.

She said Fraser Island was renowned for its wild dingoes but there weren’t many in the Yidney Rocks area on the island’s west coast.

“It’s pretty silent here but you don’t go running on the beach. That’s a big no-no,” she told AAP.

“Everybody needs to stay vigilant. That’s the way it is, it’s been like that for many years.

“You don’t take silly risks.”