Police are trying to determine the identity of human remains found in central Queensland but believe they belong to a missing local couple.

Human bones found on a central Queensland property could belong to a local couple missing for a year and a half.

Police say a farmer found the bones on a property near Rockhampton on Wednesday afternoon.

Forensic officers are investigating who the bones belong to, but they’re believed to be from one person.

Detective Inspector Darrin Shadlow says the remains were located near other items, which were found during an investigation into the deaths of Chantal Barnett and Robert Martinez.

The local pair was last seen alive in March 2013 and despite numerous searches and public appeals they are still missing.

Det Insp Shadlow says police aren’t jumping to conclusions but both families have been told about the bones.

“Obviously it’s a little bit of shock. I suppose when they do get told that remains are found people hold out that glimmer of hope in relation to it,” he told reporters.

“However we are, and have said for some time that we are, conducting a homicide investigation.”

Det Insp Shadlow said another search sweeping out from where the remains were would take place shortly.

He also said police believe they know who killed Ms Barnett and Mr Martinez and called for anyone with any information to come forward.

“We’ve said it before that we believe that we have spoken to the person or persons responsible for the deaths of Robert and Chantal and we seek information from members of the public,” Det Insp Shadlow said.

“The investigation has never stalled. It’s still ongoing.”