Princess Anne has praised the resilience of Queenslanders during an address at an agricultural conference in Brisbane.

Princess Anne has paid tribute to the Queensland spirit at an agricultural conference in the state.

She told the Royal Agricultural Society of the Commonwealth (RASC) Conference in Brisbane on Tuesday that Queenslanders have had to deal with their fair share of issues, including a current drought.

“Those who live in slightly wetter places … I don’t think really understand just what a drought truly means here,” she told conference delegates.

“And that we have huge sympathy for.”

The Princess Royal said Queensland was not only known for its fine agricultural exports, but also its residents’ spirit in the face of adversity.

“For exhibiting that extraordinary strength and resilience in the wake of, certainly things like this drought, but in previous years, extraordinary devastation caused by flooding,” she said.

“Those seeing it from afar, it looks pretty devastating.

“When you get here and understand just how bad they were, it’s quite extraordinary to have that level of resilience, to recover.”

Anne’s visit follows the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s trip with Prince George to Queensland in April.

She was due join delegates at the RNA’s Great Australian BBQ later on Tuesday, which will feature the best foods judged at this year’s Royal Queensland Food and Wine Show.

The RASC conference is being held in Queensland for the first time and has attracted about 230 delegates from around the world.