Luxury renovations for Brisbane’s top hotels ahead of the G20 leaders’ meeting have been canned, the Prime Minister says.

World leaders will have to make do with plain old presidential suites after the government ditched plans to make $8 million renovations to Brisbane’s top hotels.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott says the G20 leaders will stay in the unchanged and “splendid hotels of Brisbane” when they meet in November.

“What we decided that we weren’t prepared to do was spend $8 million on temporary renovations or temporary changes to those hotels, to knock out walls, to provide even larger presidential suites and even more sumptuous accommodation,” Mr Abbott said.

“We think the hotels of Brisbane are more than good enough to accommodate people and we thought it was unnecessary to spend more to further improve them.”

News Corp reported the renovations were ordered by the previous government but it was knocked back by the new regime.

A separate proposal for an open bar supplying free alcohol to 3000 visiting foreign media and 24-hour hot meal service was also canned, according to the report.

Mr Abbott said the accommodation plans included his “friend” Russian President Vladimir Putin, who he planned to speak to about the death of 38 Australians on flight MH17 over the eastern Ukraine.

“My friend will be staying in a fine hotel I’m sure and I’m sure that will be a comfort to him after the robust conversations that he’ll have,” Mr Abbott said.