Queensland police say they have questioned a woman who claimed she was missing in bushland for 17 days and won’t be taking further action.

Police aren’t going to take any action against a Queensland woman who emerged alive after 17 days lost in rugged bushland.

Shannon Leah Fraser stumbled out of the bush on Wednesday about 30 metres from the spot where she was last seen on September 21, at a swimming hole south of Cairns.

Her disappearance sparked a huge search in which emergency crews spent 800 hours scouring the area.

The 30-year-old reportedly told family she lost 16kg surviving on insects, creek water and fish.

Ms Fraser was taken to Innisfail Hospital in a stable condition to be treated for cuts and sunburn.

Her incredible tale of survival triggered doubts, with police even saying they were confident the extensive search would have located her.

But in a statement released on Saturday, police said they had finished with the matter after speaking with Ms Fraser.

“The investigation has now concluded and there is no further action to be taken,” the statement read.

It came after Inspector Rhys Newton told media last week investigators hoped to have an in-depth conversation with Ms Fraser to determine her movements while she was missing.

He said it was likely Ms Fraser had travelled outside of the search area.