Greg Inglis has finally won his first ‘official’ NRL premiership, after having his two titles with the Storm stripped due to salary cap breaches.

“They will never take this premiership away.”

With those words South Sydney superstar Greg Inglis closed the chapter on his controversial time with Melbourne and heralded a new golden era at Redfern.

Inglis’s 2007 and 2009 NRL titles with the Storm were stripped due to salary cap breaches and the Queensland and Australian representative can rest easy now he has “officially” won one.

The 27-year-old had always maintained he cherished the memories of those Storm grand final wins, but the 2014 triumph with the Rabbitohs is even sweeter, because it will stay in the history books.

“Emotions ran high with about eight minutes to go and I was just there in the right place at the right time (to score the final try), I couldn’t get over it,” Inglis said at the Rabbitohs premiership celebrations at Redfern on Monday.

“I relived that moment this morning and it sunk it.

“I’ve said it over over, words can’t describe the feeling

“Being at a club with such a rich history and to walk away with a grand final victory officially is remarkable, they will never take this one away from me.

“The way those other two circumstances unfolded, was just the way it was but in the end I have got one.

“It has brought so much happiness to me.”

Inglis said he was planning to play out his career at Redfern in the pursuit of more silverware.

“I feel like this is my home and I’m really comfortable and set in my place here,” he said.

“It depends on how the body holds hopefully, I’m 27 hopefully I’ve got a lot of years left and more of this.

“We’ve got some great players here.”

He paid tribute to Clive Churchill Medal winner Sam Burgess who played the entire grand final against Canterbury with a fractured cheekbone.

“People talk about what a champion and it just goes to show what character he has,” Inglis said.

“He is going to be a loss to this game and a loss to this club.

“Hopefully we will see him back but at the moment he can just sit back and enjoy it.”