Residents of an inner-Brisbane apartment block have recalled a foul stench in their building prior to the discovery of a gruesome murder-suicide.

When they tolerated an eye-watering, near vomit-inducing stench, the residents of an upmarket Brisbane apartment complex were oblivious to the horrors of a gruesome murder-suicide unfolding behind closed doors.

Human remains were found in one of the flats, some reportedly boiling in a pot on the stove.

Marcus Volke is believed to have fled when police arrived at the apartment, but his body was found soon after in a nearby industrial bin after apparently taking his own life.

Volke, 28, is believed to have met the victim, his Indonesian girlfriend Mayang Prasetyo, while they worked as chefs on international cruise ships.

The couple were engaged in August 2013, he posted on his Facebook account.

According to Ms Mayang’s Facebook page, she had previously worked for a Melbourne entertainment company called Le Femme Garcon that performed a “Gender Illusion Cabaret Show”.

Ms Mayang’s death has shocked Bali’s gay community, where she was well known.

Mia, an employee at Bali Joe Bar, says Ms Mayang treated him to a meal at a nearby food stall when he last saw her, last month.

“She’s a prostitute. She came here only for drinks and looking for customers,” he said.

She had also advertised her services as an escort in Brisbane.

Her friends expressed their grief on her Facebook page.

“You were always such a happy, cheerful person, I will miss you so much I couldn’t possibly express it in words,” one wrote.

Indonesia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said it was aware of reports the victim was Ms Mayang, who it said moved from Melbourne to Brisbane six months ago.

Indonesian authorities are working with Queensland police.

“The Indonesian consulate in Sydney is also coordinating with the Melbourne consulate for details on Mayang Prasetyo,” the ministry said in a statement.

Residents of the apartment block in Teneriffe noticed the foul smell had grown more pungent since Wednesday, but on Saturday, were convinced something was not right.

“It was like as if somebody had put out some dog food or some red meat out in the sun and left it for a few days,” resident Courtney Reichart recalled.

Over a dozen police officers swarmed the Commercial Road building after a welfare check uncovered the human remains.

However, detectives will not confirm reports that a woman’s dismembered body parts were found boiling on a stove.

As forensic officers gathered evidence from the building on Monday, family and neighbours spoke of a “friendly, normal couple”.

Volke’s mother, Dorothy, confirmed her son was involved.

“Everything was normal,” Ms Volke, who lives in Victoria, told the Courier-Mail.

She had spoken to her son a week ago and he seemed happy, although she hadn’t seen him for a year and a half.

A contractor removed material from the apartment building on Monday, using large plastic drums, typically used for medical waste.

The complex had only been open for eight weeks and residents were still getting to know one another, Ms Reichart said.

“I only met her a couple of times, and that was only a quick hello and to pat the dog,” she told reporters.

“They seemed quite friendly, they didn’t seem like they had any issues, but it was a quick meet and greet.”

Ms Reichart said she felt sick thinking about what had happened inside.

“That poor girl has sat there for however many days and we’ve just been walking past, living our lives, and thinking `what’s that smell?'”

* Readers seeking support and information about suicide prevention can contact Lifeline on 13 11 14 or Suicide Call Back Service 1300 659 467.