A teenage Melbourne terror suspect stabbed two police officers without warning, a court has heard.

A Melbourne terror suspect stabbing a police officer beneath him ignored a warning to drop his knife before he was shot dead, a court has heard.

Numan Haider, 18, was killed by a single shot to the head after pulling a knife from his jacket and attacking two officers outside Endeavour Hills police station on September 23.

The police officers had arranged to meet with Haider over his recently cancelled Australian passport when he launched the attack, the Victorian Coroners Court heard on Friday.

Counsel assisting the coroner Jessica Wilby said Haider reached into his jacket as police approached him in the car park of a nearby childcare centre.

She said he attacked without warning when the officers asked him to remove his hand from his jacket so they could search him.

He stabbed a Victoria Police officer in the arm and an Australian Federal Police officer in the chest and face, Ms Wilby said.

He was on top of the AFP officer continuing his attack when the Victoria Police officer ordered him to drop his weapon before opening fire, the court heard.

The Victorian officer then kept his gun aimed at Haider while the badly injured AFP officer ran into the station for help.

Ms Wilby said Haider was still clasping the knife after being shot dead.

Both officers underwent surgery for non-life threatening injuries.

The directions hearing marked the beginning of a coronial investigation into the attack.

Coroner John Olle described the case as extremely sensitive saying it had attracted significant comment and attention.

“It’s important to remember there are three Victorian families directly involved in this incident,” he said.

He issued a suppression order preventing the media identifying members of Haider’s family, some of whom were present in court.

The officer investigating the shooting, Acting Sergeant Neil Smith, also told the brief hearing toxicology reports on the two officers and Haider were pending.

He said CCTV footage and about 75 civilian witness and police statements would be collected as part of the investigation.

The matter will return to court on a date to be fixed.