WA Premier Colin Barnett has met with 12 Muslim community leaders, telling them recent incidents of harassment were unacceptable to most West Australians.

The West Australian premier has been told of offensive graffiti, threats and spiteful attacks on women wearing hijabs during a meeting with Muslim community leaders.

Colin Barnett said he wanted to meet the leaders after recent counter-terrorism raids in Sydney and Brisbane.

On Tuesday, in the wake of further raids across Melbourne, Mr Barnett and the state’s multicultural affairs minister Mike Nahan met with 12 Muslim leaders.

“The meeting was primarily an opportunity … to reassure WA’s Muslim community that Western Australia is a harmonious and diverse community and it is the responsibility of all of us to demonstrate respect and tolerance for our fellow Western Australians,” the premier said.

“Some of the issues raised included incidences of harassment towards the WA Muslim community such as offensive graffiti, threats and spiteful attacks on women wearing hijabs, and some of the leaders noted their members have been frightened by recent events and the publicity surrounding them.

“I made it clear this type of behaviour is unacceptable to most West Australians.”

He said the leaders rejected the extremist minority and emphasised that they were Australians first and foremost, and participated in their local community in the same way as every citizen.

“It was a constructive meeting and I’m pleased all participants were able to discuss openly their concerns and suggestions.”