Some Queensland MPs are using their allowances to fork out thousands for flights between state capitals that usually only cost a few hundred dollars.

Some Queensland MPs are using their parliamentary travel allowances to pay round-the-world prices for flights between state capitals.

The state parliament’s biannual report on MP’s travel expenditure shows many MPs didn’t even touch their allowances in the first six months of 2014.

The taxpayer-funded allowances are to be used strictly for parliamentary business.

The report shows regional politicians used their allowances to cover flights in their vast electorates.

But some government MPs from urban electorates have been paying thousands for airfares that usually cost only a few hundred dollars.

Logan MP Desley Scott and Algester MP Anthony Shorten each forked out a whopping $3332 for return flights to Perth.

Morayfield MP Darren Grimwade, Springwood MP John Grant and Nudgee MP Jason Woodforth all paid $2945 to get to Perth and back.

Broadwater MP Verity Barton managed to fly to Perth for $2937.

Cleveland MP Mark Robinson splashed $1564 on a return flight to Melbourne, while Coomera MP Michael Crandon went to Sydney for $1378.

Brisbane MP Robert Cavallucci and Chatsworth MP Steve Minnikin both jetted down to Melbourne for over $1000.

Urban opposition MPs have also been spending top dollar for flights in the last six months.

Member for Redcliffe Yvette D’Ath spent $1009 on flights to Cairns and $1036 on flights to Townsville.

South Brisbane MP Jackie Trad spent $1631 and $1200 on two separate flights to Townsville.

The release of MP’s travel expenses report comes at a time when the government is claiming it needs to rein in government spending and divest state assets to pay off billions in debt.