Mark James Graham, who shot a bikie and an innocent bystander in a busy Gold Coast shopping centre in 2012, has been found guilty of attempted murder.

A gunman will spend a night in jail before learning his punishment for shooting a bikie and an innocent bystander during a stand-off in a busy Gold Coast shopping centre.

A Supreme Court jury in Brisbane on Tuesday found Mark James Graham guilty of the attempted murder of ex-Bandidos Jacques Teamo.

He was also found guilty of unlawfully wounding shopper Kathy Devitt while intending to maim Mr Teamo.

But he’ll have to wait in custody until Wednesday morning to learn his fate after Justice Alan Wilson adjourned the sentencing hearing.

Graham, 28, opened fire on Mr Teamo, who’s since left the Bandidos, at the busy Robina Town Centre shopping precinct in April 2012, striking him in the arm.

He fired again at Mr Teamo, but missed and hit Ms Devitt in the buttock.

Justice Wilson heard submissions from prosecution and defence following the jury’s verdict, but did not proceed to sentence.

Crown prosecutor Michael Byrne QC said Graham’s sentence needed to reflect the fact he fired upon Mr Teamo in a busy public space.

“The second shot was fired in what can only be an understatement of incredibly dangerous circumstances,” Mr Byrne said.

“It must have been patently obvious … that someone else could have been struck.”

However defence barrister David Edwardson argued his client needed a sentence that wasn’t severe enough to discourage his rehabilitation.

Graham had been of good behaviour since the incident and ran a successful tattoo business in Melbourne, he said.

During the trial, Mr Edwardson argued Graham had acted in self-defence, because Mr Teamo had pulled a knife on him first.

He also praised Ms Devitt’s stoicism, saying she had played hockey for Australia at masters’ level since the incident.