The mother of a north Queensland woman missing for nearly a week believes foul play could be to blame for her daughter’s disappearance.

The mother of a missing north Queensland woman has made an emotional plea for her daughter to come home, while conceding foul play is a possibility.

Shannon Leah Fraser, 30, was visiting Golden Hole, south of Cairns, when she went missing last Sunday.

She was with two men including her partner, who has told police he left her sitting alone in a gazebo near the river, but when he returned five or 10 minutes later she had vanished.

“It’s only speculation at this point, but I think there’s been foul play,” Shannon’s mother Deidre Sharrock told reporters at the Innisfail police station.

“I’m extremely concerned. I haven’t seen her for a week now.”

She described her daughter as a bright, kind and sensitive woman and said the two shared a close bond.

“She wouldn’t leave her kids for this long. She’d contact me or her brother or someone.”

Shannon’s brother Dylan urged anyone with information about her disappearance to report the matter to authorities.

“She’s not silly. She knows the dangers of living up here,” he said.

“She’s not going to go near water where there would be a crocodile. She’s not the type to walk off into the bush.”

Mrs Sharrock said Shannon’s three children, aged nine, 11 and 15 were finding the situation difficult.

“Shannon if you’re out there, please come home darling,” Mrs Sharrock pleaded.

“You’re my precious baby girl and I just need you back.”