A bystander who was shot during an altercation between two men in a Gold Coast shopping centre has relived the incident in court.

A woman struck by a bullet at a Gold Coast shopping centre says she heard a “pop”, reached behind her hip and discovered her hand covered in blood.

Bystander Kathy Devitt, 56, on Thursday described in Brisbane’s Supreme Court the moment she was shot in the buttock when a gunman allegedly opened fire in Robina Town Centre in April 2012.

Giving evidence at the trial of Mark James Graham, Ms Devitt said she was walking through the centre when she noticed two men talking before hearing one yell out.

She said she was nearly past one of them, who was standing with his back to her, when out of her peripheral vision she saw the other man raise his hand.

“I saw a small shiny gun, that’s basically it. I heard the pop sound,” she said, adding that she immediately felt pain in the back of her right hip and put her hand there.

“When I lifted my hand it was covered in blood.”

Ms Devitt said she went to the closest shop, a mobile phone store, and called out: “Could someone please call an ambulance, I think I’ve been shot.”

She was treated by an off-duty nurse and doctor before ambulance officers arrived and she was taken to hospital.

Ms Devitt said fragments from the projectile still remain in her wound.

Graham, 28, has pleaded not guilty to the attempted murder of Jacques Teamo and not guilty to unlawfully wounding Ms Devitt while attempting to maim Mr Teamo.

He has pleaded guilty to unlawful possession of a weapon.

Prosecutors say Graham shot at Mr Teamo twice after encountering him by chance at the shopping centre on a busy Saturday afternoon.

Earlier the court heard evidence from Mr Teamo’s young son that the shooting could have been part of a bikie gang war.

The boy told police in a filmed interview that his father was a Bandido and the other man looked like a bikie because he had facial tattoos.

According to the child his father noticed the man in a shop and said: “What are you looking at?” then, “I’ll stab that guy,” shortly before the altercation.

“I didn’t see him get shot but straight after the gunshots I saw blood everywhere,” the boy said.

“It was probably another gang war …probably another bikie gang.”

Witness Sarah Braybrook, 23, said she heard the men yelling before one pulled out a flick knife and two gunshots were fired.

“I heard the crack and I saw the blood,” she said.

“They just sounded like a cap gun and then everyone started running everywhere.”

Ms Braybrook agreed under cross examination that she told police the man who’d been shot said afterwards something like, “We’ll get you”.

Ms Braybrook’s friend heard a man yell, “Who are you?” and “Why don’t you come over here?” before one pulled a flick knife and two shots were fired.

Kym Taylor saw the man with the knife grab his shoulder and stumble backwards and the other man walk away.

The trial continues.