A man who witnessed a double shooting in a Gold Coast shopping centre says he thought the incident was a prank because he didn’t see any blood.

A witness to a shooting at a Gold Coast shopping centre says he thought it was a prank until he noticed people trying to hide from the gunman.

Adjunct professor Clarence Tan was just metres from gunman Mark James Graham when Graham allegedly opened fire in a walkway in the busy Robina Town Centre in April 2012.

Graham, 28, has pleaded guilty to weapon possession but not guilty to attempting to murder then Bandidos bikie gang member Jacques Teamo and not guilty to an alternative charge of unlawfully wounding him with intent to maim.

He has also pleaded not guilty to unlawfully wounding bystander Kathy Devitt, who was hit in her buttock during the incident on April 28, 2012.

Mr Tan told Graham’s trial on Thursday he heard a man in a white top yell “Were you looking at me?” about three times to a man in a black hooded jumper.

“The person in the black hoodie came up and pulled out a firearm and fired a shot at the guy in the white hoodie,” he told the Brisbane Supreme Court.

“The guy fell to the ground but I didn’t see any blood or anything at all, I thought it was a prank.”

Mr Tan said he recalled hearing a screaming child and thinking it was “a very silly prank”, but changed his mind when he saw people trying to hide.

“The newsagency was shuttering down their door and I knew something was up,” he said.

CCTV footage shown in court captured the moment when Graham allegedly shot Mr Teamo at close range with a handgun.

Shoppers can be seen scattering and crouching for cover as a man in a black hooded jumper strides from the scene.

Prosecutor Michael Byrne QC said Mr Teamo was shopping at a Sony store when Graham saw him in a chance encounter shortly before the altercation, in which Mr Teamo drew a flick knife.

“As I recall their eyes never left each other,” said Stephen Paul, who was working at Sony.

Security guard Graeme Chapman said an agitated Mr Teamo was bleeding from his left arm but was reluctant to be treated.

Mr Chapman agreed with defence barrister David Edwardson QC that Mr Teamo said: “F*** off. I don’t want an ambulance. I don’t want the cops. I’m not a dog.”

Mr Teamo’s young son told police a heavily tattooed man who looked “like a bikie” had been staring at his Bandidos father before the altercation.

“Dad went out and said, ‘What are you looking at?’ and then I just heard two gunshots,” the boy told police in a recorded interview played to the jury.

Crown prosecutor Michael Byrne QC said Graham opened fire with the intention to kill Mr Teamo and accidentally shot Ms Devitt, who happened to be walking behind Mr Teamo at the time.

She was released from hospital three days later.

The trial continues.