Several Brisbane Islamic leaders say they’re disappointed in Senator Jacqui Lambie’s comments linking sharia law to terrorism.

Palmers United Party senator Jacqui Lambie has no clue about sharia law, Brisbane’s Muslim leaders say.

Senator Lambie’s comments linking Islamic law to terrorism has outraged the Muslim community.

During an ABC television interview on Sunday, Ms Lambie said those who adhere to sharia law should get out of the country.

When asked what she knew about sharia law, she said: “When it comes to sharia law, to me, it obviously involves terrorism.”

The Islamic Council of Queensland president Mohammed Yusuf says ill-informed comments like Ms Lambie’s only helped fuel intolerance.

“It’s clear she has no clue about sharia law. What she said was laughable,” he said.

“But it’s also these types of comments that can incite hatred.”

Queensland EidFest president Yasmin Khan and prominent leader among southeast Queensland’s Muslim community Haji Sultan Deen are urging the wider community to ignore Ms Lambie’s comments.

“Sharia law says to abide by the law of the land you live in,” Ms Khan said.

“Jacqui Lambie has no idea. She said it involves terrorism, well where? It doesn’t even mention terrorism.”

She said Ms Lambie’s comments come during a sensitive time as demonstrated by violent protests against the construction of a mosque at the Sunshine Coast on Saturday.

The protest came days after the Gold Coast City Council rejected plans to build a mosque following strong community opposition.

More than 100 years ago Ms Khan’s grandparents helped build a mosque in the southern Brisbane suburb of Holland Park.

“They didn’t have this type of trouble back then but we live in a time when people know more about Islam,” she said.

“I was shocked by the vitriol (of the protest).”

Haji Sultan Deen says he feels general public animosity towards Muslims was stronger now than it was during 9/11.

“It’s worst than 9/11. It’s usually the women in our families who cop the hatred because they wear the hijabs,” he said.

“They’re getting spat on and verbally abused in the shopping centres, even from people who know them.”