Treasurer Joe Hockey says G20 countries agree that Russia should not be excluded from the G20 summit in Brisbane.

Joe Hockey says the G20 has agreed that the door should be open for Russia to attend the forum, despite any differences countries might have.

Ahead of the opening of the G20 finance ministers and central bankers meeting in Cairns, Mr Hockey said while Australia is president and host, it cannot make unilateral decisions about who can attend.

Questions had been raised about Russia’s attendance to the G20 leaders’ summit in November in Brisbane because of its involvement in the Ukraine.

Mr Hockey said he had consulted with a number of countries and the view was Russia should attend.

“If one party is to be excluded for various reasons then it requires the agreement of all parties to the G20,” Mr Hockey told reporters.

“They are member of the G20, we expect they will attend the G20 meetings.”

There is a Russian delegation in Cairns, although its finance minister did not make the trip.

“The door will always remain open for communication in order to address some of the geopolitical tensions involving Russia,” he said.