What people said on Friday after the dust began to settle on the alleged Australian terror plot that was foiled by police.


Prime Minister Tony Abbott said: “It is a serious situation when all you need to do to carry out a terrorist attack is to have a knife, an iPhone and a victim.”

Labor deputy leader Tanya Plibersek spoke up for the general Muslim community: “Most of (ASIO’s) good intelligence comes from members of the Muslim community who are talking about family members or associates who are engaging in behaviour that is troubling to them.”

Muslim leader Ali Kadri knows his educational campaign to get Queenslanders to visit mosques could attract people with hostile attitudes: “I don’t want them to come and insult and abuse, I want them to come and talk to me.”

NSW Premier Mike Baird announced security will be beefed up during this weekend’s footy finals: “In simple terms there will be more police in more places that will give more assurance to the community.”

Attorney-General George Brandis on a potential terrorist threat to the nation’s federal parliament: “We’re going to take whatever steps necessary to protect Parliament House, the iconic heart of our democratic system.”

Senator Brandis also commented on new government legislation, saying it gave ASIO agents immunity from liability for some criminal activity, but it did not extend to torture.

“When agents go undercover to penetrate networks sometimes they have to engage in activities which would seem to be unlawful activities.”

Former MP Steve Gibbons slammed Mr Abbott on Twitter for his iPhone comment:

“What sort of idiot Prime Minister would state on National TV `all potential terrorists need is an iphone a knife & a victim’? #hopeless”