Elderly and disabled Victorians are being targeting by scammers who leave them out of pocket with dodgy repairs.

Victorians are being ripped off by dodgy con men offering cheap deals more often than any other state in Australia.

Authorities say con men posing as painters, landscapers and repairers are working throughout Melbourne’s southern and eastern suburbs.

The Crimestoppers con men tracker shows Victorians have been scammed 121 times this year, double that of NSW and four times that of Queensland.

Consumer Affairs Victoria director Claire Noone said most of the scams were targeting the elderly and disabled.

“Travelling con men prey on unsuspecting victims, often targeting senior citizens, people with a disability, residents who speak little or no English and full-time mums or carers,” Dr Noone said in a statement on Thursday.

“They offer jobs such as gardening, painting, roof repairs and driveway sealing at a cheap rate, putting residents under pressure to say yes on the spot.”

One report stated that con men followed an Avondale Heights woman to the bank and pressured her into handing over $14,000 for dodgy, unfinished repairs on her roof; another in Strathmore was pressured into parting with $16,000.