A rugby league grand final west of Brisbane turned ugly when a brawl led to a police officer being punched in the face.

A brawl at a Queensland rugby league grand final that put a policeman in hospital may have started when a man hurled abuse at spectators.

The man was one of eight people arrested on Sunday when a fracas involving about 100 people erupted after an A-Grade Premiership game at North Ipswich Reserve, west of Brisbane.

A constable was punched in the face while he was trying to arrest a man who had been hurling abuse and refusing to move following the match between Norths Tigers and Ipswich Brothers.

The officer was taken to hospital with facial injuries after being knocked unconscious, falling and hitting his head on the road, narrowly missing a concrete gutter.

He has since been released from hospital with abrasions to the face and head.

Police used capsicum spray to subdue the crowd, which involved two family groups and their friends.

On Monday, police said they had reviewed footage of the incident and it was unlikely further arrests would be made.

All eight are due to face the Ipswich Magistrates Court on October 16. Two are charged with serious assault and the rest with obstructing police.