The family of Australian surfer Peter Maynard has returned home without him, saying they are mystified and crushed by his disappearance near Bali.

The brother of a Queensland surfer who vanished near Bali more than two weeks ago has spoken of his grief after returning home.

The only evidence of Peter Maynard’s fate was a piece of his surfboard, which was found during the search for the father of three off an island near Bali.

The missing man’s wife Kylie and brother John were among the relatives who rushed to Indonesia to search for him, but they’ve returned heart-broken, with no real answers and no opportunity to lay him to rest.

“Peter’s disappearance has left us all deeply stunned, mystified and crushed,” John Maynard told reporters after landing in Brisbane.

“While each day of the search became increasingly harder, and more distressing, we’ve gained considerable strength from the gentle nature and warm spirit of the Balinese people.”

The 45 year-old vanished on a solo surfing trip to Nusa Lembongan, off Bali.

The official search for him was called off on Thursday.

The surfer was last seen on August 27 having breakfast at a hotel on Nusa Lembongan. When he didn’t check out as planned the following day, staff discovered all of his personal effects still in his room and alerted police.

A local man found part of a surfboard at a spot called Shipwrecks on August 28, but didn’t realise its significance until some time later, when he took it to police.