Members of the public will no longer be permitted to tour Parliament House in Brisbane due to the raising of the nation’s terrorism alert level.

The public will no longer be able to tour Queensland’s Parliament House now Australia’s terrorism alert level has been raised.

An email detailing altered security arrangements was circulated to state politicians and their staff on Friday less than two hours after Prime Minister Tony Abbott announced that Australia’s threat level had gone from medium to high.

The deputy clerk of parliament, Michael Ries, announced that until further notice, the parliamentary precinct threat level had also been upgraded to high.

“The changes to precinct security are due to an upgrade in the national threat level to ‘HIGH’,” Mr Ries wrote.

“I wish to emphasise that the changes that are being introduced are precautionary only.”

Beginning from Friday evening, extra security officers would be assigned to the Brisbane buildings and there would be an increase in patrols.

Public tours had also been suspended, Mr Ries said.

About an hour earlier, Premier Campbell Newman had addressed the media warning the public to expect a bolstered security presence at key buildings, including government buildings.

He also said there would be extra security arrangements at airports, military bases and mass gatherings such as sporting events.

However, Mr Newman said there would be no changes to security plans for the G20 world leaders summit to be held in Brisbane in November.