Prime Minister Tony Abbott has discussed the situation in Iraq with US President Barack Obama.

US President Barack Obama has discussed the situation in Iraq with Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

The two leaders spoke on the phone on Tuesday morning (AEST), during which Mr Obama thanked Mr Abbott for Australia’s contribution to humanitarian air drops and resupply missions in northern Iraq.

A White House spokesman said the two leaders also discussed the humanitarian situation as well as the threat that Islamic State, also known as ISIL, poses to Iraq and the broader region.

The president said the US would continue to co-ordinate closely with Australia on ISIL and other national security priorities.

Mr Obama will chair a UN Security Council session on foreign terrorist fighters later in September.

Mr Obama did not make any specific request for extra Australian military assistance to that which is being provided for humanitarian and logistical operations.

Mr Abbott welcomed Mr Obama’s “measured and careful response” to events in Iraq and his efforts to marshal an effective international response to the threat posed by ISIL.