An anti-mining group has launched a draft parliamentary bill it says aims to restore Queenslanders’ basic rights, including access to clean air.

An anti-coal seam gas group has drafted a “bill” aimed at enshrining Queenslanders’ rights to clean air and a clean environment.

The so-called “People’s Bill” has been “tabled” by the Lock the Gate Alliance in the chamber of the state’s former upper house in Brisbane.

Alliance president Drew Hutton says the bill aims to restore basic rights eroded by the mining industry and state government.

“The Newman government believes that economic development is more important than anything else,” he told AAP.

“They are prepared to deprive Queenslanders of some of the most precious freedoms to help their mates in the mining industry.”

It’s hoped the bill will one day gather enough support to be tabled – for real – in state parliament.

Aside from affirming residents’ rights to clean air and a clean environment, the bill sets out restrictions on mining companies and gives greater powers to landowners.

Mining companies would be restricted from making political donations and parties would have to disclose all donations over $100.

The state’s upper house would be reinstated, there would be strict limits on the fly-in, fly-out workforce and more resources would be given to the Crime and Corruption Commission.

A government spokeswoman said laws that have been introduced are focused on creating jobs, boosting the economy and making the state safe.

She said a range of reforms had been implemented to make the government more open and accountable, including making ministerial diaries public.