Queensland premier says “the right people” are taking action against illegal gambling firms on the Gold Coast because it’s not the attorney-general’s job.

It’s not the attorney-general’s job to investigate serious crime or fraud, Queensland’s premier says.

Campbell Newman’s comments come after a media report alleged the attorney-general’s department were told about illegal betting syndicates possibly involving senior Gold Coast police earlier this year, but didn’t take any action.

The premier says it’s the job of police and Crime and Corruption Commission to investigate crime.

“The legislature and the executive don’t investigate serious criminal activity or fraudulent activity, the police and the CCC do,” Mr Newman told reporters on Thursday.

“They are investigating it and action is being taken, and it’s being taken by the right people.”

Mr Newman added it was “not appropriate” for anyone to expect the attorney-general to investigate such matters.

The ABC report revealed illegal betting syndicates run by phony companies had been duping hundreds of retirees and investors of their life savings.

The report pointed to former detective Michael Featherstone as being at the centre of the syndicates.

But Mr Featherstone told the ABC’s 7.30 program he had no links to the police force or illegal betting syndicates.

Queensland Police Union president Ian Leavers said any allegations of impropriety within the force would be found to be “baseless”, adding that he has “complete faith” in officers on the Gold Coast.

The state’s CCC is reportedly investigating Mr Featherstone and senior police over the betting scams.