A Queensland man was last seen eight days ago by hotel staff at a resort on an island off Bali, and police are searching land and sea for him.

Police in Bali are searching land and sea for an Australian man who has been missing for eight days.

Peter Maynard, 46, was holidaying alone on Nusa Lembongan, off Bali.

Staff at his accommodation last saw him having breakfast around 9am local time on August 26.

He was supposed to check out on August 28, when staff found his personal effects still in his room, but no sign of the man from Noosa, Queensland.

Nusa Pendida police chief Nyoman Suarsika says officers inspected Mr Maynard’s room on Wednesday and found his clothes, surfing gear, passport and wallet.

The doors and windows had not been broken into, he said.

“We’re still searching, asking every other hotel, diving operators, but his name is not listed anywhere,” he said on Thursday.

“A search was also conducted by sea and by spreading information among people, but so far, no answers.”

Friends of Mr Maynard are spreading the word among the Bali expat community, surfers and hospitals.

Social media posts say his wife Kylie is rushing to Bali from Brisbane on Thursday.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade says it is “providing consular assistance to the family and friends of an Australian man who has been reported missing in Bali”.

Nusa Lembongan is an island not far off Bali’s coast, popular for its surf and more relaxed atmosphere.