Despite illegal betting scams operating on the Gold Coast for at least a decade, the police unions says allegations of police impropriety are baseless.

The Queensland Police Union says any allegations of police impropriety in relation to Gold Coast betting scams will be found to be baseless.

Queensland’s Crime and Corruption Commission is reportedly investigating legal and illegal betting syndicates and senior police officers over scams which have netted millions of dollars from mum and dad investors.

Many illegal betting syndicates have been operating on the glitter strip over the past decade and hundreds of retirees and investors have been duped out of their life savings by the phony companies.

The ABC reports that the man at the heart of the syndicates is former detective Michael Featherstone, who the broadcaster says still has links to the police force.

Mr Featherstone denies any links to either the syndicates or serving police officers.

But private investigator Ken Gamble, who’s been looking into the syndicates, claims senior police officers must have been involved or at least turned a blind eye to their activity.

“There is a general feeling that certain characters on the Gold Coast are almost given the green light,” he told ABC’s 7.30 program on Tuesday night.

“Somewhere along the line there has been influence by certain police officers that have had possibly control of these cases.

“There has been influence by somebody not to investigate certain cases that involve certain people.”

But Queensland Police Union president Ian Leavers was quick to deny any allegations of impropriety or misconduct by police officers.

“While I am not aware of the details surrounding this individual being investigated, I can say that I have complete faith in police on the Gold Coast having acted appropriately,” Mr Leavers told AAP in a statement.

“Policing on the Gold Coast is one of the toughest places to be a police officer in Queensland and police have done a tremendous amount of good work there in the last year, and I know that any allegation or suggestion of police impropriety will be found to be baseless.”