One of Queensland’s most notorious sex offenders has been arrested after allegedly breaching his supervision order.

A notorious Queensland rapist described as a “violent recidivist” will soon be back before a judge after he allegedly breached his supervision order.

But the exact nature of the incident involving Robert John Fardon, 65, remains unclear.

Queensland Corrective Services would not go into detail about the allegations but said Fardon was arrested in Brisbane on Tuesday afternoon.

“He is in custody and the matter will be listed for an initial hearing in the Supreme Court at a date to be determined,” the department said in a statement.

A police spokesperson said they could not provide further details and referred questions to corrective services.

Fardon was released into the community in December 2013 after a protracted legal battle with the Queensland attorney-general’s department.

In 2003, he became the first person to be jailed indefinitely under the state’s Dangerous Prisoners (Sexual Offenders) Act.

He had a fleeting taste of freedom in October 2013 after a review of his sentence.

But Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie scrambled to appeal the order granting his release and within hours, Fardon was back behind bars.

Mr Bleijie attempted to enact a “plan B” which involved passing contentious legislation giving him the ultimate say on the state’s most dangerous sex offenders.

The “invalid” law was later struck down by the court of appeal.

Upon his release, Fardon was required to wear a tracking device at all times and was subject to a 24-hour curfew.

On Tuesday evening, Mr Bleijie reiterated that Queensland’s dangerous sex offender laws were currently under review.

“Queensland now has the strongest anti-sex offender legislation in Australia following extensive reforms,” he said in a statement.

Bravehearts founder Hetty Johnston said news of the alleged breach wasn’t surprising.

“I hope though that it is enough to highlight to the court that he is a danger and he needs to be kept behind bars,” she told AAP.