The weather bureau predicts little relief for drought-hit NSW farmers, with dry weather expected across eastern Australia in spring.

Despite the recent drenching in parts of NSW the big dry affecting most of the rest of eastern Australia is expected to continue.

Over spring, warmer than average days and nights are expected.

The Bureau of Meteorology predicts a strong chance of drier spring conditions across most of NSW and central regions of Victoria, including Melbourne, BoM climate prediction service manager Dr Andrew Watkins says.

“We’ve got a 60 to 65 per cent chance of it being drier than normal in parts of central NSW and down into central Victoria as well, and as far across to the coast as just south of Sydney, and Canberra,” Dr Watkins told AAP.

“Possibly it will be a little wetter than normal around Hobart, which will be a boon for them. They have just had a record stretch of dry days in August.”

But for the rest of the continent there is no such good news, disappointing NSW farmers who are unlikely to get badly needed follow-up rain after solid falls in late August.

Dr Watkins said fewer chilly days and nights are expected in southern Australia in spring.

“It’s looking pretty warm for daytimes and night-times in southern Australia, particularly in the southeast.”

Some parts of Victoria and Tasmania will also be affected by this, he said.

There will also be warmer weather in some inland parts of Queensland.

Warmer conditions are expected to affect all capitals from Sydney to Perth.

The warmth will also extend to the eastern Top End, Cape York Peninsula and much of western Queensland, from the Gulf of Carpentaria to the Channel Country.